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Letter / Tile Values for HARNESS

  • H 4
  • A 1
  • R 5
  • N 1
  • E 1
  • S 1
  • S 1
harness is in TWL06 dictionary
harness is in SOWPODS dictionary

Meaning of HARNESS

If you unscramble harness, what does it mean?

  •  Harness - Originally, the complete dress, especially in a military sense, of a man or a horse; hence, in general, armor.
  •  Harness - The equipment of a draught or carriage horse, for drawing a wagon, coach, chaise, etc.; gear; tackling.
  •  Harness - The part of a loom comprising the heddles, with their means of support and motion, by which the threads of the warp are alternately raised and depressed for the passage of the shuttle.
  •  Harness - Fig.: To equip or furnish for defense.
  •  Harness - To dress in armor; to equip with armor for war, as a horseman; to array.
  •  Harness - To make ready for draught; to equip with harness, as a horse. Also used figuratively.

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