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Letter / Tile Values for SCRAPER

  • S 1
  • C 3
  • R 5
  • A 1
  • P 3
  • E 1
  • R 5
scraper is in TWL06 dictionary
scraper is in SOWPODS dictionary

Meaning of SCRAPER

If you unscramble scraper, what does it mean?

  •  Scraper - An instrument by which the soles of shoes are cleaned from mud and the like, by drawing them across it.
  •  Scraper - An instrument drawn by oxen or horses, used for scraping up earth in making or repairing roads, digging cellars, canals etc.
  •  Scraper - An instrument having two or three sharp sides or edges, for cleaning the planks, masts, or decks of a ship.
  •  Scraper - An instrument with which anything is scraped.
  •  Scraper - In the printing press, a board, or blade, the edge of which is made to rub over the tympan sheet and thus produce the impression.
  •  Scraper - One who acquires avariciously and saves penuriously.
  •  Scraper - One who plays awkwardly on a violin.
  •  Scraper - One who scrapes.

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